Benefits of Massage Therapy
	Caring hands-on therapy induces relaxation, increases energy,
	reduces the effects of stress and restores balance to mind,
	body, and soul.

	Massage can help treat ailments such as:
	arthritisxxxx		back pain
	carpal tunnel		stress
	depressionxxx		headaches
	insomniaxxxxx		sports injury
	anxietyxxxxxx		fibromyalgia
	high blood pressure

	Massage is a way to eliminate toxic deposits in the body from our
	lifestyle and environment. Please note that massage therapy  is not
	intended to be a substitute for professional medical care.If you are
	currently under medical care, you should consult your doctor before
	receiving massage therapy treatments.

	Aroma Therapy
	A combination of special massage techniques with aromatic oils.The goal
	is to both stimulate and relax the various systems of the body as 
	required to achieve balance in those systems.  In this therapy, essential 
	oils are chosen or combined as required to treat the specific problem.
	60 minutes: $80
	90 minutes: $120

	Deep Tissue / Sports
	This massage is very helpful in reducing muscle spasms, sprains, and strains.
	It circulates blood to the area for the healing of injured muscles due to 
	trauma or repeated sports injuries. It is excellent at relaxing muscles.
	30 minutes: $55
	60 minutes: $90
	90 minutes: $140

	Standard kneading of the muscles for improved circulation and general relaxation. 
	This massage has a profound effect on the nervous system, increasing circulation  
	and range of motion.
	60 minutes: $75
	90 minutes: $110

	Hot Stone Massage
	Experience a luxurious and relaxing deep-tissue and heat therapy.  Smooth Basalt 
	stones are heated and incorporated into the massage, taking the level of 
	relaxation to new boundaries. The perfect treatment to loosen tight muscles, 
	relieve stress, and ease tension.
	Deep Tissue
	30 minutes: $85     60 minutes: $145     90 minutes: $185
	30 minutes: $75     60 minutes: $125

	Stress-Relief Massage
	A deeply relaxing treatment to calm and soothe everyday tension in the neck, back 
	and shoulder. It revitalises your parched spirit and sends your body on a 
	"mini vacation" ---  perfect for a lunch break!  
	An "express" massage that accommodates everyone's busy schedule.
	30 minutes: $60
	60 minutes: $95

	In the soles and top of the feet there is a complete map of the human body.  By 
	applying various combinations of pressure to the appropriate zone in the foot, parts
	of the body can be influenced in a healing manner, improving their functioning, 
	restoring balance to the body.
	30 minutes: $35
	40 minutes: $45
	50 minutes: $55
	60 minutes: $65

	Massage Packages are also available.

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